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Being of two ethnicities is sometimes one of the most difficult things to deal with …

  • We never have one definitive place that we can call home
  • Neither ethnicity fully accepts us because we aren’t pure
  • There is always a constant balancing act with either side of the family
  • It is very rare that we are able to embrace both cultures at the same time without having to deal with the pain that you are leaving a part of yourself out
  • You have to speak English at home because one parent will always feel left out if you are speaking the native language

I could go on and on. I honestly love being multicultural but sometimes it’s really hard.

2 years ago | 02:44pm
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    Are you people fucking joking? Being mixed race is fantastic. You can be naturally separate from the tribe mentality...
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    If home is where I was born, then my home is Bermuda, which I lived in for three months. Nothing is that clear cut.
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    Yea i hate how people envy us mutts like lol honestly whats there to be jealous of
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